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Riverside Cemetery District sits on 24 beautiful acres in Cody, Wyoming.
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Located on the highway to Yellowstone National Park’s east entrance, Riverside Cemetery has been established since the early 1930’s.  Cody, Wyoming was founded in 1896 by Colonel William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody and ever since has been a growing tourist town.

The Riverside Cemetery District is a special district of the government and is made up of six board members who are elected for 4-year terms.

Riverside Cemetery has recently added a Columbarium, Committal Shelter and Kiosk Directory. The Columbarium niches are for urn burials, and we have been selling these niches for about a year. They each house 2 urns.  To view images of the cemetery, Committal Shelter, Kiosk Directory and the Columbarium, view the Riverside Cemetery District page.

To view the Riverside map and burial index, visit the Map and Burial Index page.

The Cody Riverside Cemetery District has also added a new cemetery, Riverside-Graham, located north of Cody.  Development of the  cemetery is now complete and burial lots are now for sale.  The northeast section of this cemetery area is planted with native grasses and irrigated.

Images and more information on the Riverside-Graham cemetery can be found here

To view the Riverside-Graham map and burial index, visit the Riverside-Graham Map and Burial Index page.



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